More Perspective on Capturing the Moon’s Detail with a Smartphone

When I blogged a couple days ago about how you can photograph the Moon’s surface with just your smartphone, I did not lend any perspective as to what the native images looked like.  I cropped the small sections with the Moon in each.

The following day and at approximately the same time (in daylight), the sky was still clear.  So I took another round of pictures.  The image above was again taken with my phone’s Pro mode at ISO 200 and 1/3000 shutter.  Click on this image to pull up the complete and untouched 4032×3024 image file.  In this one, the Moon is just a bit larger than it was the prior day, and you can still see the surface’s detail.

The point of this is to show you how that little dot of a satellite can reveal so much detail with just a few camera setting tweaks.



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