Chicago Bears: Four Quarters of Garbage Time

Chicago Bears: Four Quarters of Garbage Time

In my prior post on the Chicago Bears, I titled it to save the doom for a few weeks after the Week 1 disaster against the Green Bay Packers. Sometimes,. Week 1 is a fluke, time to shake off-season jitters. Unfortunately this was not the case, with the trend and results just as bad, and worse, for Weeks 2 through 4.

After this Sunday afternoon’s almost-win against the Denver Broncos, you may believe there were signs of life for the Bears. In a vacuum, they did all around fine, in quarters one and two, almost like a real NFL team. Yet the boondoggle ending for another frustrating loss was merely the capstone of month-long atrocious football. On the field today were two poorly-coached teams with obvious and deep problems beyond team play and individual performance.

Of course two winless teams going head-to-head will look competitive, ultimately an illusion. Remember these same two teams were pulverized by legitimate contenders last week from Miami and Kansas City, and that perspective alone disqualifies most signs of progress for either.

The difference however between the Broncos and Bears is that the former might still turn it around and salvage a .500 season. The Bears will be lucky to match last season’s 3-14 record.

Like every average fan, I don’t know the root cause of Chicago’s major faults. Like any onlooker, I could say, “Here is a trainweck,” even if I have no idea how the disaster happened. The billows of smoke are the defensive coordinator debacle, the Chase Claypool drama, the Justin Fields dissent into despair, all cloaked by management and organization deficiencies none of us on the outside will know.

Can the Bears match or better last year’s 3-14 record? It will take some form of cataclysmic event for this team to get a month’s worth of wins. A complete clearing out of all management mid-season, replaced with an unorthodox head coach, like what the Indianapolis Colts did last year, to shake the culture up just enough. But no matter how you conjecture, it all ends with another year waiting for the hope and hype of next year.

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