The Most Important Christian Day

Having been in a seminary during my formative years, I developed a number of viewpoints on faith and religion that may be unique to my experience. From time to time, I have alluded to some in my writings. Today, Easter Sunday, is widely interpreted by Christians as the most important and sacred day, the celebration of the Resurrection, the fulfillment of the Messiah and the promise of Life Eternal.

I never felt this the most important day, however. Easter was the prophetic conclusion to Life of Christ, set in motion by all the events prior. To believe that Jesus was both fully God and fully Man, then to me, the most important of days is Good Friday, for it was on this day that Jesus, fully Man, made the decision to sacrifice his own life. As everyone who is familiar with The Passion knows, Jesus was tempted, was goaded on, to save Himself, to “prove” to the people that He was indeed Divine. I really do believe Jesus had a choice on that Friday, the most important Choice ever made.



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