Goose Moon II – More Goose, Less Moon, Cameos, All Sequel!

Goose Moon II – More Goose, Less Moon, Cameos, All Sequel!

September 26th, 2019, 06:57 a.m. local time

A post so awesome, it deserves a sequel!

Last year we brought you Goose Moon, a powerful albeit random image of migratory geese flying past the daytime Moon.  One year later, the geese are back, and probably in greater numbers than ever before!

Some sequels are worth the effort.  A few are even better than the original.  Many sequels just keep going and going as owners continue their trek to squeeze ever more money out of them (reference Star Wars). But before we reach Goose Moon IX, let’s check out today’s image, which occurred much along the same lines as last year’s original production.

With a clear sky to the East, I wanted to take a few quick snaps, to later try to find the late Waning Moon just past Sunrise within the images.  As I was taking pictures, something most unexpected happened, as a flock of geese flew by.  I kept “filming,” taking more pictures, realizing that a sequel was about to be born.

Unlike last year’s Goose Moon, this is a smartphone image, whereas the original was via a DSLR camera on tripod, as a planned shot (though there was no planning for the geese).  The Moon was in a very different phase as well.

Here we see far more geese as they flew into the East.  I wonder where they were going?

If you’re having trouble finding the Moon, look towards the top of the image.  Still cannot find it?  Here is a closeup hint:

Yes, this is about as small of a Waning Crescent that you could find, especially after daybreak.

And no sequel is complete without new characters.  Most prominent is the Sun, which you can see easily at the bottom.  There is also a lurking cameo of Mars, above the Sun, but it cannot be seen.  Likely, if this picture were taken via a digital camera on tripod with a decent lens, Mars could have been extracted from a raw digital image.

If you enjoyed this sequel, be sure to leave a review!  And don’t forget to stop by in 2020 for Goose Moon III: Rise of the Gas Giants.



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