Paul’s Notes – Volume V

Paul’s Notes – Volume V

Making the Most of Moon Mania

Greetings subscribers and random Internet visitors alike.  If you have been following my blog for the past several months, you probably noticed that the Moon has been my primary topic.  With the bright planets currently in the morning hours (see below), coupled with generally lousy Late Winter and Early Spring weather, the Moon became my easiest target this season.  My coverage accumulated with the Lunar Eclipse last week.

But I wrote about a few non-astronomy topics as well.  With the help of my LinkedIn readers, we identified a hawk in the neighborhood.  And separately, I continued my series on how I set up my website and blog.

With Summer around the corner, I plan to continue bring more articles to this blog on these topics and others.  Thanks again for stopping by, and please always feel free to leave a comment on any article that interests you!

In the Sky, June 2022

If you are a (mostly) night sky viewer like me, we are currently out of “planet season.”  The bright planets of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all still morning planets in early June.  However, Saturn will finally start peeking over the East horizon shortly after midnight, and will return for evening viewing soon, followed by Jupiter.

As for Constellations in the Northern Hemisphere, Leo is still visible in the evenings, and Ursa Major/The Big Dipper will be high overhead.  If I had to pick one highlight for the late Spring sky, it would be Coma Berenices.  Sometimes referred to as the tail of Leo the Lion, following Leo from behind East to West, it is a magnificent cluster of stars best appreciated with binoculars.

See In the Sky for my upcoming astronomy trackers.

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