Perfect Day for an Afternoon Spring Stroll

June 7th, 2022, 2:43 p.m. local time

Some days are too opportune to pass on taking them in, and today was one of them.  Other than the Sun being a tad hot for my preference when there was zero cloud cover and no wind, this afternoon walk was as nice as I could have asked for.

The temperate hovered in the low 70s Fahrenheit, and clouds were very dispersed as you can see from the accompanying two photographs.  This “hike” was about 75 minutes as I made a giant loop from my subdivision towards the nearest forest preserve.

If you ever wondered what an Illinois prairie looks like, these pictures give a little inkling.  This spot, nestled around various flavors of suburban residential neighborhoods, showcases plants native to the area.  It is not uncommon in the true prairie areas to see fields of short foliage outlined by surrounding forest, as is hinted here.  Nice places to hike through and for those interested in botany (especially when the plants are in bloom), but they can make cross-country road trips through the Midwest increasingly redundant when these scenes replicate into miles and miles of flat land.

For my own part, I am glad to have these types of areas within about 30 minutes walking distance from my home.



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