Moon through a DSLR Camera

April 8th, 2017, 1:45 a.m. local time

After waiting hours for the clouds to clear on Jupiter opposition day, I finally had a chance to try photographing the big planet again with my new Canon EOS.  Unlike last night, the results were meager; I will probably mention them in a future post. But also at this time, very early in the morning, the Waxing Moon was still out and high.  So I put a lens on the camera and took some pictures.

This is all still a learning experience for me.  What’s nice, I discovered, is that the camera stores metadata on the image, such things as ISO, exposure, etc.  This is good because now I don’t have to manually log my settings after each picture taken.

My hope is to use this DSLR camera for two purposes – planetary imaging with my telescopes, and wide-field sky views on a tripod.  I have yet to try the latter.  But as the above shows, it is also easy enough to take a quick shot of the Moon at 2 a.m.



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