The Closest of the Bright Objects

The Closest of the Bright Objects

November 9th, 2023, 5:57 a.m. local time

Over the years I have captured the Moon and Venus together on many occasions. But today’s photo from early the morning of November 9th may be the closest I have ever seen the two objects in they sky.

This was not a formal astrophotography session, just good luck of clear skies and being outside before 6 a.m. When I saw the wonderful pair, I ran back inside to get my iPhone, hoping I would be able to keep a steady enough grip for a decent picture.

Equipment Used:

  • iPhone 14 Pro (hand held)
  • NightCap app on iPhone
  • f/1.8
  • 1/30 sec exposure
  • ISO 1250
  • Focal length: 7mm
  • Touchups in PaintShop Pro and AfterShot Pro

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